Job Title: Leasing Compliance Administrator
Classification: Exempt
Reporting To: Chief Operating Officer
Location: Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport ​

Position Overview

The Leasing Compliance Administrator (LCA) serves an important role in NMD’s BWI Marshall leasing and merchandising strategy.  The LCA assists in the identification and development of new and existing concessionaires, identifying ACDBE concessionaires and lease negotiation with the operators. This individual will be a full-time employee and will be based at the airport.  As coordination between – and handoff from – the leasing and construction process is critical to timely and efficient store openings, the LCA serves an important function in NMD’s revenue production strategy.  The LCA will work closely with the Chief Operating Officer, the Chief Commercial Officer, the Director of Engagement and the Transition Coordinator. 

Duties will include: maintaining leasing plans; evaluating and recommending new concession operators, or identifying existing operators to fill vacant concession locations; meeting with Airport staff to review concept development plans; presenting proposals/deal sheets to Airport staff for approval; negotiating sublease terms and language;  identifying emerging trends in both street and airport food, beverage, retail and passenger services.

Internal Interactions:

  • Local NMD Staff                                       

External Interactions:

  • Concessionaires
  • Law Leasing Counsel                                                
  • Maryland Aviation Administration

Key Responsibilities/Duties

  • Embody the New Market Development cultural standard of integrity, performance and reliability.
  • Participate in the recruitment of new subtenants.
  • Assist the Director of Engagement in collecting ACDBE documentation.
  • Collect and file initial and renewal insurance and other sublease-required documentation.
  • Maintain digital and hardcopy sublease files.
  • Manage tracking systems for leasing activities.
  • Proactively communicate risks to construction schedule.
  • Coordinate activities between NMD and sublease candidates.
  • Collect and catalog sublease comments and language revisions.
  • Collect sublease packages for transmittal to the MAA.


  • Three years’ experience in administration.
  • Must have proficient computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite.

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